Background Wallpaper in server

Umm… so this is my first post :). And for today I wanna suggest that our background wallpaper needs to be changed. Why?

  1. Coz it is plain.
  2. Ummm… as you see, when I went through the forums and go to the website suggestions part, and when I looked at other threads (as you see, the color is sky blue when u look at the topic title) I got colorblinded. I am not colorblind. Jr!! , Erza Scarlet, and Hirochi knows that.
  3. It looks awesome. I screenshotted the main forums and made a little bit of editing, and it looks cool, not quite yet. But in case this thing is approved, I will give the edited thing, if it is not approved, I will still give the edited version XD
  4. Because reasons…
  5. If this look is already old, then consider this one as one of the reasons.

Anyway, I have more and more that is stuck in my head. so yeah :slight_smile: I will just keep on posting and posting :slight_smile:

I don’t understand this thread. Ignoring the title of this thread; we do not have a background wallpaper on the website. Also “I got colorblinded”; what?

Well, ok, first post, fine, but most of what you said makes little or no sense (to me at least).
I get 1.; 2. makes no sense to me nor pop; 3. contradicts 1. at the beginning (you should have put the first sentence at the end of the point) and where is the image? (post it somewhere on the internet, like, then post the link as ['url][’/url] or [‘url=]text[’/url], without the apostrophes); 4., that is exactly what you were supposed to do, to give us reasons; 5. also doesn’t make sense to me.
I hope you get better at presenting your ideas as time goes by, and I also hope this helped.

fine… ok just lock this thread whatevs :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand… sort of. He either wants the walls in spawn new ot he thinks the white space behind our text on the website is too plain. I think you should add a bit of color, but not in the way so idk where

Well I’m not against this or I’m with it, If it is gonna change the website’s color I suggest Black for the color and gray for the lines, Cause if it’s white and it’s night someone’s eyes may get [b]blurry[/b, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m gonna get my first pair of glasses, Well I don’t mind anymore because I am getting them.

now you can look like your avatar !! and nice bolding