Automatic Post Draft Saving

So my half-term is almost here, and I will hopefully get around to producing all of the features that are needed for the forum such as subscriptions to threads.

I’m sure you’ve had a time, or will in the future, wherein you were typing something, and you may have accidentally closed the page at some point, or just needed to come back to finish it later.

Well I have a solution! To start the next stream of features, I introduce to you a handy feature: Automatic Post Draft Saving. It is recommended to “ctrl+f5” to reload the .js that comes with the thread pages to make sure you are using the updated version. The Draft Saving works as such: 500ms after you finish typing or after 15 key presses, an ajax request will be sent to dark-gaming with the content and your draft will be saved. Next time you visit the same thread, the textarea will be filled with your draft. Simple.

The next feature to finish this handy tool is automatic thread creation post draft saving. At this time, only your “replies” draft are saved and not the content draft of a new thread. Therefore, do not expect your new threads content draft to be saved. This feature will be out soon.

Report any bugs. Currently it does not escape html. So do not use html or your textarea will be messed up.

This is the current list of features to be implemented:

  • Automatic Thread Creation Post Draft Saving
  • Subscriptions (and unsubscribing)
  • Page listing at the bottom of threads listing in the categories page
  • “Return to thread list” in the Thread-Menu (which is right now only used by Mods+ for thread actions)

Edit: Added the word ‘draft’ to differentiate between the actual posting and simply drafting of posts.


good idea rofle!!!

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