"Auto Broadcast Plugin"

I got a good idea how to push the ssc server and the main server more effective, the allmighty aoto broadcast plugin!
It posts a message all x seconds, it would be useful to tell new players how to get crew (if no helper is online), that dark gaming owns a ssc server (better tell the ip and the port) and it could tell the rules! I dont know if this plugin is up to date, but it would be nice to have it on the server, It would be much easier to advertise the ssc server if this plugin is installed!

I asked Tvolk about this last night. He said he will try to put it in today. I guess great minds think alike, eh? Haha

100%, great minds yes… I hope this thread was helpful! :smiley:

In my opinion is this a really good idea. Auto Broadcast is a very helpful plugin and specific when it comes to information like how to get the crew rank and more that you said. We could also have information on how to go voting for the server on “terraria-servers.com” maybe. :slight_smile:

Oh yes! Even though I am not helper, I’ve told people how to register possibly 50 times.

It’s on SSC for server-reset warnings, so it would totally work! :smiley:

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Auto Broadcast is extremely powerful, as it can not only send messages but also execute commands. It works great with plugins such as WorldRefill. If you use SEconomy and want to keep a short journal, you could also tell ABC to use /bank squashjournal every few hours.