Ok I’m making this thread about a player called Autismboy. he had an offending name and I personally dealt with him regarding the name. A68.LeonutysGaming,N3misis was on and saw me deal with him. I went AFK then he was banned when I came back. Can I please be told who banned him and if he could make a ban appeal or not because Leo said he was banned for life and not able to make a ban appeal. So can someone please clarify what happened. .=.

-Thanks in advance fuzzypanda

P.S I want who banned him to say sooo much how Thankful I am.

He can’t make a ban appeal. The offences he had committed are too serious. It’s not only about him offending you:

thank you A68 for the info :smiley:

I see some really “nice” talks there.
I have dealt with the right felonies.

Pun can your make what you said clearer?

You will know what was the action once you will need to

Ok? I’ll need to know in the future?

Nope. It doesn’t matters about you.

ohh mmk

I figured he’d be force-banned because of all those offenses, and looks like I was right :confused: