Anti-hacker login authentication

Hello I am Gentleman as you may know I am a recently banned person accused for hacking in pvp so I may as well add a suggestion to detect hacking.

First off: Is when accusing other people that they’re hacking please ask them to say .login it is used by server owners to detect hacking as far as I know, hackers use . commands to enable cheats. If they don’t cooperate well… do it by FORCE.

Second: Exchange the /login command to .login , It’s the same but hackers can’t get in because there’s no such command like this in TerraHax (I never participated in it I just watch the hackers do it in youtube.)
So that’s all from me I am not a hacker but I know this. I’m suggesting this because the server has a nice community and a community of hackers is… Apocalypse. (I know about these things cause I entered IcyTerraria, they have the same protection against hackers.)


  1. there is a way to detect hacking, the plugin for that command isn’t updated.

  2. staff members can’t see the /login command when it is executed.

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I can do that with all hacked clients that use “.” as their command prefix. That’s why these clients have “.say”.

Same with the second. C’mon guys; know your enemy? Have you really not seen these clients? If you want to tamper with a server you wouldn’t let a simple “.” prefix catch you out. All commands on the server can be changed to use “.” instead of a “/” prefix, but that would just slow down these guys. I’d rather not have to compromise for the rule-breakers if you don’t mind.

Servers who implement “.login” or whatever as a hack-block are either too stupid to realize or they do it because people from the otherside are too stupid to realize how to use that with a hacked client. It doesn’t work, it’s not worth the effort. I’d rather laugh at the stupidity of seeing someone PvP me with a hacked client than have a fake mindset that no one is hacking and they just all lag. It’s rare I even see a hacked client on our server anymore. If this were an SSC server, maybe I would use every trick in the book to slow down and make hell of the hacked-client users time, but here its just not worth it.


Very well said rofl. I think you told him good :wink: Haha jk. I think that wraps it up. Any staff is free to open it back up obviously. Closed :stuck_out_tongue:

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