Antasma is away for a while...

Well… school starts at monday and i wont be online that much as i am now. I think i will leave when Hyrule Warriors gets released, i wont leave forever but i want to play this game because im hyped on it. I will look after the server like i do now but i will mainly play HW. Deal with it, i wont leave forever (i know that 75% of you guys want to see me dead/never on the server again) because i like this server and i like my job (There are no helpers needed, most of the mods are busy and thats bad because the server gets invaded by hackers and cheaters every day). I sit here and write this stuff without thinking about it, maybe there will be 3 pages of comments because of the stuff i do wrong or not, maybe there will be 3 pages of guys that share my opinion, i want to see a reaction about this thread. I hope you guys understand me and share my opinion, even if you dont… So… Thats all, have a nice day/night!

If you become too inactive and you don’t notify a helper manager of your inactivity, you will be demoted.

I did not say i will be inactive, i sayed i will be less active. I notifyed ThePunisher.

Antasma, good luck with school.I am in your situation :))
I will enter but i don’t know who will give me +1S’es.

I cant apply for moderator because 1. i made no capplication, 2. my second week as helper beginns tomorrow, that means i need to wait 1 more week, 3. i dont know if it gets accepted or not.

Ill create a new thread named: Leaving forever.

Now we know the reason you are leaving, some people just get greedy and impatient.