Angels answer. [Open]

Let me state this before you go on and read this and get offended, This is entirely from my point of view and various other accounts of how and why angel is either a bad influence or of why people hate her/dislike her. Going off from that I too dislike her to an extent. However I’m nice enough to post a thread and disclaimer about how and why. So in short ; Please do not go on typing a comment on how evil or mean I am when you only read the first 56 words of this thread because…Well… It’s just the slightest bit annoying XD…
-cracks fingers-

Reason’s In full:

-You don’t contribute to the server in any way; This includes reviews posted by you which either are too extreme or are so biased they are ridiculous. You never get on…Even if you don’t have access to a way in the server you could openly say it so people would expect less from you.

-You have the most foul temperament in the entire site; With your mood swings you can be happy one moment or furious the next. And to go with that when you get out of this anger state you ask the opposing side “Why are you mad at me” when in actuality you yourself PROBABLY know the answer and infact are just trying to underplay yourself into seeming innocent when everyone knows you are not.

-You act very hypocritical; You command absolute grammar and superb typing skills when you use slang and generic acronyms and then try to state ‘Its ok if I use it, you cant though since it makes your app look bad’. You even had the grievous mistake of calling me a grammar tyrant when I only mentioned your horrible punctuation after the fourth or third post on my wall.

-You have a horrible habit of cussing; In almost every reason of why you dislike or even when you insult some one you cant help but have the mouth of a sailor, I’ve NEVER seen some one type that many cusswords in a couple of days time… When almost no one else here does when its NOT needed.

-You argue and try to upturn punishments and retrifications; You think admins make mistakes, You even think I’m a LITERAL mistake when in fact this sort of mind state is a huge and utter, you guessed it, MISTAKE.

-When presented with much needed conversation you throw your hands up and decline; For example when I petitioned to get EBM some time off due to his drama-induced state you didn’t even so much as help, You cussed at me and then after putting up with it for so long I pointed out a few reasons and you FLIPPED OUT.

-At the drop of a pin you criticize; Not only do you not follow what you preach, You idolize an ideology in which you think the universe revolves around you and without any thinking you believe YOU can state whatever you want whenever YOU want.

-You think that by providing your critical insight you are promoting the longevity of the server; When in actuality you are DEGRADING its community members.

-You BULLY players; Not only limited to me but to many others, If memory served before I EBM was your target. Yet for some odd reason as soon as rofl ‘slapped your wrists’ you came too. With me however you still persist it was either for no reason OR it was completely my fault.

-And lastly; You insulted America so many times it was ridiculous, You didn’t even have legitimate reasoning you just insulted it out of the blue! And that was literally when you lost karma with me. The second you insulted my peers and me as a whole because angel…Nearly all of the staff (excluding warsong and a few others) LIVE THERE. So when you say the population is full of morons that applies to us as well AND you.

Phew…Well yea, that’s my answer to her question. I would have mad a wall post but frankly I couldn’t condense an answer that big into a mere 40 character sentence. Now i’ll repeat myself. Do not post a comment about how mean I was to post this because in actuality I would never have unless she openly asked a legitimate response which I provided. If any of these are inaccurate please do not call me a liar just calmly state that they are and If I can provide proof they are not just drop it then and there. Also epic please don’t get on here and scream “DONT CALL ME EBM” Because I did so in a effort to reduce strain on my already tired fingers.

So yea, That’s my answer… >_>



Well Hazma this was a legitimate complaint. I think that it show the full truth of Angel’s actions. I in no way would think this was not necessary or that it was mean. Nothing in this thread has not or will happen on people’s walls. Popstar if you read this, Angel is posting on other people’s walls. I would appreciate if that privelage was revoked.


-My new account; apaturescience-


Nvm, old account is working.


For some reason your group was set to 0 so I just reset it back to what it was before.


This is what angel Posted on somebodies wall…

Although she did apologize.


Angel this is for you,


Is that necessary?


Yes it is

And Angel is banned so she can’t reply to topics unless she knows the secret way. Which I know the secret way so…


She can still post on walls.


Not anymore


Good thank you pop