An Easter welcome!

Hello guys its me xXTheHunterXx! Just wanted to say happy Good Friday! And that I would like to ask all of you guys to help pitch in with something I’ve had in mind, maybe some time tomorrow after Good Friday we could build little Easter things around the server just to celebrate the holyday and relax. Now these Easter things don’t have to be titanic they can be small or large or maybe in between and if you want to help me with an Easter Bunny I will be making tomorrow! So I would greatly enjoy it if you even try to build an Easter thing! All are welcome to join in!

build an easter bunny without me and i strangle you. y’ hear me?

Why didn’t you just talk to people on the server? This thread is kinda wasting space. :confused:

I don’t know sometimes I can be a retard l:c

Don’t say that! u r not

Why I said “sometimes”, and great job building the Easter Bunny guys!

This thread was reopened, thanks to tip.