Alternative to Ranking

Suggested alternative to ranking if statistics is ever properly in motion.

System which includes:

  • Levels (instead of ranks)
  • Trading
  • Auctions(?)

Infinite Levels (good or bad; questionable)
Set or variable rewards for new level:
Set DP reward (like 1000 DP) or random gift (every 5 levels? gift = command, or other)
Variable Reward (such as level * 200) or random gift (as above)


Trade-able :

  • Commands
  • Property such as regions near spawn or regions containing house(s)
  • Titles (prefixes) E.G [Lord]
  • Tag (suffix) E.G. (The Great) combined with above as [Lord] (The Great) : Yep
  • Chat Colours (Preset by Managers)
  • Gold (Non-usable trade item that can be sold to Public Shop for an ever-changing price. Kind of like the stock market with changing rates. Value also depends on Gold present in circulation and the amount in posession)
  • Clan Commands (Group of normal commands combined together to create commands attributable to a Clan Rank which can be obtained by anyone in that Clan)
  • Tokens. Such as, double XP, double DP, 20% public shop items etc
  • anything your imagination enables and which works

Public Trading. All of above mentioned but bided for. Rare Items could be a potential item auction-able.

The Appeal to non-Crew Members
How this appeals to non-Crew Members:
Non-Crew can be Level-capped. Can have some trading functions disabled. Can have some items locked from use such as building commands (the main reason Crew was introduced). This would open appeal to those who cannot verify through the DTP for some odd reason as well as promote Crew even further.

Donations and their appeal

  • Ability to “donate” for some rare commands
  • Can donate to create a trade-able item (such as colour, suffix, prefix)
  • Donation flexibility and Donator-Only commands still apply

I have seen a wide variety of unique leveling systems while browsing some server. One server was a server side inventary with restricted weapons/ items unless you were the specified level (ie. S.D.M.G requires level 100). Kits are also quite common. I believe this to be a great idea apart from the fact that alot of work seems to be required, and that arguments could be cuased over the trading system, like if you traded a prefix but you suddenly changed your mind you then might go and blame the other player. I dunno but it sounds good.

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Trading would be done through both sides putting in items (that is, those listed), then vote locking the trade. After the trade is locked no changes can be made and the swap is done.

In terms of certain items, the thing with that is it requires SSC. And the last time I put in SSC people disliked it. This is why everything I mentioned was nothing to do with the game but rather the server-side things that are there right now. The level of work required is questionable. If a good design is contemplated and achieved the rest should be easy enough. Unlike the Ranking system, commands are not the only thing that have attainability.

As with all, design is the only thing I have hardship with. I hate designing through HTML and CSS because I find it tedious and imperfect. HTML and CSS isn’t hard to learn, but its hard to master.


If this is just for crew (which I assume) then it sounds good, if this is also referring to staff members then I’m opposed. xD

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I completely agree with Donut’s statement. :smiley:

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Any ideas for what the inventory for trading would look like?


Just adding some notes that I drafted to keep them archived.

Currency Ideas:

  • DarkPoints [DP] (Current)
  • Pursors §
  • Credits ©
  • Dollars ($) (Might be confused with real money and vice versa)
  • Droits (D)
  • ???

Public Shop
The public shop is the centre of all goods. Anything sold to the public shop is instantly put onto its public selling line for +1000 base price. Items sold to the shop are always sold at base price. the +1000 is then put into a jackpot when the item is brought from the shop.
The idea of selling to the shop is to ensure an item is sold for a certain price instantly and that someone isn’t going to want the item being sold for a smaller price.
The stock of the shop is dependant on items sold to it as well as a frequent re-stock everyday of some basic items.

A lottery systems giveaway is based on the jackpot. The jackpot is 1000 * (Amount of Crew Members active in past 5 days) + money from shop. The ensures the jackpot doesnt spoil the economy if there is a very little amount of people using it. Tickets for the jackpot are items as well. These tickets do not hold any numbers or values. Instead they are activated and an entry is put into the lottery table. A random row is then picked and the table cleared. This means more tickets activated by one person ensure a higher percentage chance win.

Because the tickets are items, they may be traded, sold to the shop and auctioned. However, due to auctions usually being based around valuable items, different tier of lottery tickets will exist. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Standard. These are simplier mulitpliers. Standard = 1 x Standard Ticket. Silver = 2 x Standard Ticket. Gold = 4 x Standard Ticket. Platinum = 10 x Standard Ticket. Please note: Platinum will be rated Very Rare (Black) Rarity; this item will generally not exist to be used and so is very valuable for auction. The rarity is also increased with each tier as well as base price.

Clans and the Lottery
Clans are treated as entities as well. They may hold items, auction items, hold money and enter the lottery. Activation of items such as commands are a little different, they are activated in pair with a Clan Rank instead. If a Clan wins the lottery, all of its winnings will be seperated amongst all the members with configurable variables for the percentages. Items can be traded Clan to Clan, as well as Clan to Peer. Those in the Clan can give items to the Clan and the owner and managers can then take them, use them or trade them.

Command Slots and Inventory Slots
In order to provide a way of pressure and choice for the items obtained, “slots” will be used to limit players so that they must expand their inventory and command slots before proceding. This stops players from mass-migration from one account to another as well as provides a progression for space. Items that cannot be stored must therefore be sold, traded or auctioned. This also provides further choice to what commands you think you need and want. Slots can be increased by using tokens. Basic Command Slots and Inventory Slots tokens for increasing either by +2 will be available at the shop per “basic” item re-stock.

Item Categories
Commands include all commands except Moderation, Administration and Donator-based commands.

Tokens include multipliers such as 2x DP gain and 10% Shop Items as well as command slots and inventory slots

Lottery Tickets
Previously explained

Titles (Prefixes) & Tags (Suffixes)
Either Donator-made or pre-existing Titles and Tags