Allowing Life Drain as a permabuff

The title is self explanatory. I request that we allow the “life drain” buff as a permabuff. While it may not be recieved from potions, you get it for a split second when you use weapons like vampire knives.

Why? Give your arguments.

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He means Life Drain :stuck_out_tongue:

My arguments are that while you can’t get it from a potion, it IS possible to get it from the vampire knives. A weapon which anyone can use. However, this feature is ONLY to be used in PvE. Any use in PvP will receive a ban.

Vampire Knives don’t give any buff.

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Isn’t Life Drain allowed as a PvE buff already? And Your argument “it IS possible to get it from the vampire knives. A weapon which anyone can use” I get shadow dodge from titanium armor which anyone can use. Personally I think, it it isn’t already, life drain should be allowed as a /permabuff for PvE use. People who have worked hard to obtain the /permabuff cmd should be able to use it for the non-competitive PvE. It’s not a overpowered buff it wouldn’t be unfair, it just gives a little bit more life regeneration which would make PvE, for those who enjoy it, just a bit more fun.

So here’s my knowledge, you want the Life Drain buff from the weapon Life Drain as a permabuff in PvP? I finally realized you can’t get Life Drain from pots. How stupid of me, I forgot the rules. However, you can just use Vampire Knives/ Life Drain (the weapon) to gain a lot more health than the Life Drain buff. And Life Drain is the same as a Regen buff.

Avery explains it perfectly! I do NOT plan to make use of this in PvP, as it can be overpowered. I just suggest that it be made usable for PvE because the bosses are a lot harder than normal, and can almost instant melt you.

Um, you can use Life Drain in pve.
The only buffs you can’t use in pve are Shadow Dodge, Rapid Regen, and Nebula buffs.

But you can’t use it as a /permabuff according to the rules. Only effects from potions are allowed to be permabuffed, with three (I think it’s three) exceptions.

Leon, only 3 /buffs /permabuffs cannot be used in PvE, Shadow Dodge, Rapid Healing and Nebula buffs.

Leon, you’re reading the PvP buffs rules. In PvP, you can’t permabuff buffs that are not from pots except four other buffs.
In PvE, like A68 said. there are only 3 buffs banned from pve with /buff and /permabuff.

I see… When I asked, A68 told me to check the rules. I didn’t see a PvE section, so I must’ve read the PvP by mistake.

whats the link for the buff rules?


Sections 3 and 4 (PvP/PvE rules)

If you want to find the rules again, just go to the Important Information tab