Allow 2 players with the same IP to join at the same time

This would allow siblings to join at the same time and not interrupt each other. It is fairly annoying when I play DG and my brother cannot join me, and vice versa. Raising the IP threshold it a bit would allow siblings and others that use the WiFi to join. While this can be abused, it is literally 2 people, just ban people on a case-by-case basis, I do not see why this would be a major issue.

The IP limit right now is broken and eventually gets stuck in allowing an IP only one at a time. It’s supposed to be set at something like 4.


Wait what? I thought it was always stuck at 1, so this is a bug? Did not realize that
Is there a fix for it coming soon?


Will you get “Connection limit exceeded” if too many players with the same IP join?


Yes, at least, I do, even if I have not joined in awhile I still get it and have to restart my game at least once (often 2-4 times) before I get let in.