Add leaderboard to give the game mode purpose

Right now the game mode has no purpose. You reach lvl 22 and nothing happens after that, so why not add a leaderboard so that people could compete against each other to see who gets the furthest?

Might be tough to implement. But yeah, I’m all for it, otherwise.
honestly though, wouldn’t hackers just take the top spots anyway…?


Not if they’re leaderboards for things like “Most points gained overall” or “Most zombies slain”
And since they’re hackers, if we keep the reports for zombies hackers at a high pace, the leaderboard should remain “unhacked”.


I mean, the gamemode does have a purpose, to get to said round, or to get as far as you can on x map, or do fun stuff with x class, or perfectly optimise a run, or screw around with x ability. There doesn’t need to be competitive pressure in order for a game to be fun, sometimes the point of the game is having fun.

Despite my disagreement with the reason for its creation, however, I do think this suggestion has merit. A leaderboard for top rounds (or several leaderboards for various stats, as Camelot suggested) would be a neat addition and probably add a bit of light-hearted competition, something that could be beneficial to the playercount and the advancement of the meta (something I enjoy watching).

However, there are some questions to answer. First off, Zombies is a team game, not a solo one. If a team of several players reaches a high round, how would that success be attributed on the leaderboards? Would each player receive the same place? Would they receive different places depending on their calculated contributions over the course of the game? Or would the entire team be listed together on the leaderboard, e.g. multi payman and Solysis make it to r137, easily taking the highest spot; the leaderboard then shows “1. multi payman, Solysis [r137]”?

Also, would highest rounds be sorted by map? It’s a whole hell of a lot easier to get to round 23 on Cryptic Castle than it is on Winter’s Howl or Bewitched. So would there be a separate leaderboard for every map? In fact, it’s way harder to get to that round on Hardcore as compared to unmodified. So would each map and modifier have its own leaderboard, there thus being 4 leaderboards per map (unmodded, hardcore, rapid, hardcore rapid)? I may not be a developer, but that would be a lot of data to keep track of, wouldn’t it?

I like the idea, but it definitely needs fleshing out due to the above points of confusion. Maybe once a dev sees this, they can give their opinion on the executability of the idea(s) and what limitations to think of going forward in this suggestion’s progression?




This is an Awesome Idea!