Add a Sign at Spawn that explains boss timer

A lot of survival noobs don’t know boss timer exists, and think that trying to rush bosses is a good idea. Boss timer was added to stop rushing, and it’d probably be a good idea to add it to the list of things a new survival player needs to know.

Even if they somehow ignore the sign. It’s pretty tedious to have to explain what it does and how it works, so it’d be more convenient if we could just say “Go read that sign at spawn”.

Something that occasionally puts relevant info in chat could also be useful.


Yeah im thinking of making another suggestion to add a command to make it easier to see. Still, it’d be good to be able to tell noobs that boss timer exists more easily via a sign at spawn


Bet they’re going to just ignore it and everything will look the same for them Sounds good, but i think something on the chat is better (as said previously by Madofado), since they probably don’t care about the signs, i mean, when they join, they probably just go play and ignore all the important info. But i think it’s important to have both on sign and chat.

Also, would be nice to have an specific sign saying when the boss will be debuffed, like Rofle’s graphic saying the day and time that the boss will be debuffed.