Add a Message Telling Users to Employ /i in Items Dimension

The Items Dimension has… a lot of players there just for the free stuff, and if they need a specific item, it may take them a while to find just sifting through the chests blindly, or 85 messages asking “where is x” and not actually reading the messages from other players offering help. Furthermore, some items just aren’t available, such as a few (or several) items from some of the more recent updates to the game.

Because of these, I propose that, in Items Dimension, there’s a message telling people about the /i command for convenience’s sake. Just a big, accessible message telling people about the /i command, be it through putting a giant, glowing sign of Gemspark (Walls?) that says “USE /I TO GET ANY ITEM” right above the entrance/exit to the Items Dimension, or through a message that repeatedly shows up in chat in some bright, stand - out color that can be toggled off from showing up. That way, players can easily access any item that they came to the server to obtain with any modifier they might want.

I second this notion.
The counterargument to this suggestion is that signs or messages are often left neglected, but I do not see how this is a substantive enough notion to dissuade the simple implementation of some motd notification.


dude i didn’t even know about /i until yesterday when beetle told me about it. pls make this a reality