If this is going to be in DTP, here’s what it will do: it will be a new tab, which you can do achievements. What these achievements are, is that when you get a certain goal (from Rofle, or perhaps super admins) you get a special reward.
This achievement below is an example of a normal achievement you have forever.
Kill 50 players in PvP
50,000 Exp

I also recommend limited achievements, such as the zombie challenges

Get to round 16 on Zombies
Colored tag

I think this was already planned for one of the upcoming updates but called quests (, calling them quests makes more sense as there would be a lot of them (I’d think) and more would most likely be added, making more sense for them to be a quest and not an achievement if you get what I mean. This is something I am most definitely looking forward to, it will add a little more diversity to the server and it would be a fun new way to gain xp and level up! It would also be pretty cool to finish a themed quest and get a title or tag that matches said quest theme.

Oh, and quests do sound a lot better.

How about multi-leveled achievements/many staged quests. Such as for the Zombies Mini-game: kill 1000 zombies ([non-stop grinding] first part), kill a Boss ([round 5] part two), Find and kill Bones Lee ([round 10] part three), etc etc etc. Things like that and whatnot.