Account name

Account name on server is Ramsssssss however because it has seven repeating characters i believe, i have to do /rename to even login then when i enter survival it immediately kicks me out and tells me to log in. I need someone to change account name i believe. And yes, i’ve asked on discord but it’s been a month with no response.

ram i guess you dont know logic of terraria yet… but anyway
and then
after that
no no im not saying its your terraria folder where your terraria.exe is
im saying INSIDE the my games folder
then you will end up with this, click it too.
you should finally end up with this
rename it to the character(s) name you want

Renaming the file won’t work, you’ll have to rename it via an inventory editor like TerraSavr. Creating a new character and using that to login works too

Sadly, you have registered an account under the name of “Ramsssssss,” and it will be like that until an admin can change it I think. In this server, you need special permission to use /rename, and it does not change your account name. If you want to log-on to the server under a different name, you can join with another character under a different name and log-in under your account name by doing /login (Username) (Password). Although you will constantly have to do this every time you go under a name different than that of your account name, and you will constantly do it when you switch dimensions (some dimensions may not allow you to even log-in while the character has a different name).

oh i got this
well yeah an admin does need to change it