1. I was banned for greifing sts’s base even though it was a huge mistake
    2)I was banned the last time I played
    3)I don’t know how long I was out for the weekend
    4)I was with connor
    5)I was banned by I am a awesome potato
    6)It was a big mistake I didn’t know
    7)I am super sorry I swear I will never ever do it again unless given the premission

I think she deserves a second chance, she admitted to her actions, so I wish for her to be unbanned.

I do swear never to do it again

Ok I have a few questions and statements:

  1. Why didn’t you just edit the previous one like I asked you to?
  2. Why did you grief?
  3. You were banned by me, not by an awesome potato. :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Griefing isn’t given permission, it’s against the rules.

Other than those things I think you are being very sincere. If you answer those questions I will probably unban you. :slight_smile:


um doughnut I didn’t know your name and I didn’t know how to do that im sorry D:
and I didn’t try to greif it was a accident and I didn’t know it was private

Ok, now why did you grief?

I edited that one ^
above me

Ok, well, this is a warning. Grieving is an automatic ban. You grieved 78 blocks. Be careful next time. Do this again and you’ll get banned again and have less of a chance of being un-banned. You are officially un-banned. :slight_smile: