[Accepted]Ban Apeal

Q1:ban https://dark-gaming.com/ban/1952
Q3:No i did not read the rules so its unfair as i didn’t even know what rules have i broken
Because i did not know that u cannot use inventory editors and i unintentionally used the 7th slot without knowing when using inventory editor.

@ mossiesan make your own ban appeal this is not the place to post that.

So you’re implying that every person that comes in is allowed to hack and bring unobtainable power into the game but it’s alright because they haven’t read the rules? Should rephrase that. Also I was informed that your character is an old one meaning that it was pre patch double accessories glitch but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you had on on your head slot and boots in your accessories vanity slot.

There’s no Q4, so I guess you do not want to get unbanned?
Also you say it is unfair because you didn’t know the rules. I told you to read them, now read them again. You will find why the ban was fair, and why your reasoning as to why it was unfair is completely wrong. You’ve been here long enough to know where the rules are, and that you should know them. Rather than putting negative words into your ban appeal, seem more sincere, otherwise it doesn’t seem like you want to get unbanned; this reply is longer than your entire ban appeal, that says something.

Q: 4:Because i have read the rules and inderstand that any modifications of any client will result in a ban. Please also. Understand that the hack that i did was accidental and unintensional. It was unintensional because when i used the inventory editor. (which is much easier then going to the server to take stuff)i accidentally used the 7th slot and i didnt know until the ban because when you go online you will only have 6th slots shown thats why i didnt correct the 7th slot. The 2 other celestial stones was done before the 1.3 update and i didnt play for a long time so i didnt know that it is a offence until now.

Also when unarmedbox told me that i have 7 slot i thought he ment the 6th slot until i went to check it… Then. I quicky typed that i only had 6th slot before u banned me.

You can’t use inventory editor at all… It’s a modification that allows you to use unfair bonuses against others you also had a celestial stone in your head slot which isn’t accidental…

But i didnt put a celestial stone in my head slot

Also it could have been accidental as the invtory slot was very messy at that time and didnt not see and changes when logged back on. There was no celestial stone on my head slot at all

Okay, I will unban you on the agreement that you agree you can’t be using inventory editor or any other 3rd party program to modify your character and/or client

I agree