[Accepted] YTStevence's Phase Appeal

[Q1]Why do you want back in the discussion?
[A1] I want back in the discussion because i want see what going there,helping people,chat with someone if he needs me and saying hello
[`Q2]Why you were removed?
[A2] I added Darya then i got removed then i made second account and i added myself to Terraria Discussion then i got removed.
[Q3]Do you think your ban was fair?

Ok, why did you make another Appeal?

Again you still have no said why you were removed. You explain the events as they occurred, but not, in particular, why you were removed. If you do not know why, just say that you do not, or if you do, state why you were removed.

Note: It’s not good enough to say “I got removed because I added Darya”. You need to explain why adding Darya got you removed.

Tbh,i don’t know why i was removed for adding Darya

You were removed because Darya was banned from Phase previously.
Adding a banned person back is, well, banned.

Maybe you can admit you don’t know

Uhh no worries?

Darya was removed from the discussion by me. When a Moderator of a Discussion removes a person, it is because they are not welcome in it anymore. You added them back regardless of this decision, and therefore you were removed in the same way. Do not add people back unless you know for sure that they were not removed. You can easily check this by searching something like “Darya discussion” and it will come up. Do you understand?