[Accepted] Why was I banned. Eonzz

I am not sure why I was banned in the first place to be honest, I have never hacked/modded/intended to ruin anyones fun. I was in the boss arena fighting skelletron prime when i was randomly banned. I didn’t recieve any warning, no one said anything, Knight_robokill, Lord Avery can vouch for me also since they were online, Chinchin was also online as well. I would like to know why I was un-rightfully banned ^^.

AntiCheat banned you for having 20 minions.

I didnt, i had a buff with also accessories which means i had 10 minions.

Before i read what you said, Anticheat. meh bad

AntiCheat is an automated system that goes by the games own variables.

But if you have all the minion accessories lol, and the buff, you can have 10 minions.
AntiCheat needs to learn how to count >w>.

The maximum is 11. Your clients info that was sent to the server was then evaluated to 20 minion slots used.

I see, even though I do not understand as how it would elevate to that number sudenly confuses me. But im just not going to use the buff to have 10 minions then lol if that’s how it will be counted :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any way to reverse said transaction (wrong term, but fits nicely to my perdicament)?

It uses the variable that is provided by the game. The same variable that your game uses to determine if it will surpass the max minions and blocks you if so.

Oh ok, I understand that better now ^^. I just won’t use the buff then >w> just as a pre-caution.
I am not one to beg. or rush people to do what they need to do, or fix before they have to meet the peoples’ needs. I am not asking for a hasty un-ban, but I do have a question as to how long does it usually take to fix a ban if it was applied via Automatically/AntiCheat instead of by someone else?

The problem is that you are blaming this on a fault. Which means that your ban will not been lifted until said claim has been proven true. Which means testing will be done to find the fault, but if no fault is found, then you did cheat, and you will not be unbanned. It would be best if you described exactly what you were doing leading up to the incident so that it can be recreated and tested.

Well, chin chin was there with me, and probably banned for the same thing i was doing lol i told him about the summon buff that gives you an extra summon (as far as i knew there was only 10 max for minions) and we were killing the mecha bosses, and the hazardous plantera. That’s really all we were doing for a good 13-14 minutes lol. I was talking to Knight_robokill before hand asking if he wanted to join us in fighting some bosses but he wanted to stay on the mirror server and chill/pvp which i can relate too. So me and Chinchin were fighting fighting Mecha Skelletron (since we already defeated the twins and the Destroyer at this point and time after 3-4 deaths from each of us) until the moment i was banned. And again if this happened to me, i also think it happened to Chinchin as well.
That’s the story :stuck_out_tongue:

What minions were you using at the time? Did you do anything differently just before you were banned?

Nevermind I managed to replicate the issue. It happened after death from a Fishron. You are unbanned.

Thank you very much ^^, and just for a reference if I do happen to get banned again, I do use stardust dragon ^^.