[Accepted] Venomrat's Ban Appeal

q1: http://dark-gaming.com/ban/3784

q2: yes i broke rules… i think almost half year being banned and hacking is not fun… i realized it when i finally finished my “no cheat” character
and i can make 100% promise that i wont hack again

q3: ban was (and still is) fair becouse i knew that using any hack client is illegal and i still did it

q4: This question hase no reasons to be here but maybe bc i dunno why should i get unbans for the server

ps: im sorry that i made the game unfair to others and broke rules so many times that i even can be sure that this is going to be (denied)

Read all of the rules here and copy exactly the rule(s) you broke.

#10 Advertising (the hack client)
#1 Hacked Clients (God mode and ifninite items)
#4 Item Drops (duplicating it from 1 to 999)
#? evading a ban (the last bans)
i have been banned 2 times?

Quote the entire section of the rules you were in issue with.
Section 8 - The Trading System

#1 Boosting
Using more than one client at a time on the server, intentionally letting someone kill you multiple times and other forms of PvP XP Farming aka ‘Boosting’ is forbidden. XP denotes earned Experience. Boosting is not earned Experience.

Also explain how your actions were in violations of the rules.

#10 Advertising
Publicly displaying, trying to display or sending anything closely related to a foreign IP or domain is forbidden. This includes IPv6, IPv4 and local network IP addresses. If you are wanting to tell friends of another server, use “/w” to directly chat to the player. You are allowed to advertise a domain such as “youtube.com” as it is already commonly known and not directly associated with our servers content and environment.

#1 Hacked Clients [or Modified Clients]
All types of modified clients, that deviate gameplay functionally in any way from the original Terraria client; this also includes using 3rd party programs, such as Inventory Editors, to modify your character to possess impossibilities, but texture packs are exempt*. Warnings may be given, however due to the nature of the people using these clients, warnings may not be required, and in cases where this affects other players in a negative way, to a degree of selfishness, then the ban may not be appealed.

#4 Item Drops
Keeping illegit item drops is equivalent to using a Modified Client to spawn them in. Refer to S5#1.

and the “#?” has no written rule?

#? or what you listed as ban evasion has no point being written as a rule. How would it be enforced? Warn someone who is already banned? Ban them again? This doesn’t have to be listed in part of the rules.

How were you advertising? Do read carefully what rule for advertising.

i advertised the web site where i got the hack

im not sure is it filling the #10 Advertising

#10 Advertising
Publicly displaying, or sending anything closely related to IP or is forbidden.

This rules tends towards promoting content that is otherwise unaffiliated with the server. Promoting client modifications would not be allowed as it encourages breaking the rules.
This is not what you were banned for as in your banlink. You used client modifications. All the while knowing it is against the rules, given the display of others having been banned for the same reason, you yourself calling out players using hacked clients, and the fact you were previously banned for the exact same reason. During your activity on this server, you claimed impossible items you had obtained were from other players or natural progression. When first banned, your first claim denied the use of a modified client for godmode. After appealing, you decided to use hacks again to cheat in 999 luminite bars to sell for money, in a deliberately quick timeframe to disguise the act. After your second ban, you attempted to appeal with the lie you never had that much luminite (which I instantly denied with evidence), then yet again denied the claim any cheating and decided to make a “counterclaim” accusing me of forging evidence. Given that fact those claims were entirely lies and your use of modified clients despite knowing they are against the rules as stated above, nevermind the personal insults, for what reason should I unban you?

i dont have any idea why should you unban me and i know that i used hacked clients but to be honest i had 1000 luminiite (1 stack and 1) and im sorry that i had lied you so many times and even tried to lie that your proof was edited and im sorry for that and everything i have done and yes i was not banned for advertising but i wanted to tell everything i did and i told that i advertised too but i didnt told the reason i was banned was that becouse everybody knows the reason was using hack clients and god mode i just tried to be honest and tell everything i did

But Quinci why are you leaving this appeal not Accepted or Denied as i have posted what you wanted but you still are not even wanting to respond… is it becouse youre too busy or something personal that i have done to you like half year ago (lying)?

As you claim not to break the same rules any longer and have apologized after large length of time, there is little reason to keep you banned.
Appeal Accepted.
Appeals in result of any future breakages of the same rules will NOT be considered.