[Accepted] Unbanning me

[Q1] http://dark-gaming.com/ban/497/

[Q2] I wasn’t on at the time because my brother was, so he probably got a warning but didn’t follow it and kept on going.

[Q3] I think it was but kind of not fair the ban my account name, It would have teached my brother a lesson not to grief on server’s but its also unfair to me because I now cant play on that server.

[Q4] the reason why I want to be unbanned is because I know I made a mistake by letting my 12 year old brother play on my account, and everyone makes mistakes and sometimes they might get over it or maybe not but I am sincerely sorry for what my brother has done and I would just like another chance to prove myself to you guys and the staff of dark gaming

It does not matter if your brother was on, you must take responsibility for this

and I have, I was speaking to dragon, and It was my fault that I let him on and I im very truly sorry for it

Well the reason doesn’t make sense “Griefing Sandbox outline”. Blocks in the sandbox are placed and destroyed without consequence of the rules that apply to the freebuild. The sandbox is exactly what the name suggests. If you were banned for Griefing inside the sandbox, then it is an invalid reason.

All the sandbox will be regenerated or what about the red-gray bricks?

Not the bricks (except the bricks that cross the center). If the bricks were broken than I believe that’s more than an issue of grief because it should be protected.

It was the bricks that were broken, I don’t know how but they were

You have made sure that either, your brother will not be getting on anymore on your account, or that he knows the rules and will not break them again, correct? And you are sorry for the trouble your brother has caused and promise it will not happen again? If so, I will accept this ban appeal and unban you.

If I may add, Deagen seemed kind enough when I had talked to him on the server. But yea, the grief was below the dirt on the far left of the sandbox, it went through the red bricks and broke about 30 pearls tone blocks outside the red bricks. NinjaPup was also held accountable for some of the grief as well.

i can assure you that my brother wont be getting on the server anymore, and for punishment i have deleted terraria of his steam account so then he cannot go on the server and grief again, im sincerely sorry for what he has done to this server and i will do anything to make it better

Ok thank you Daegen, you are now unbanned

Why would you delete a 10$ Game (Sorry if I shouldn’t be asking this)

its just so he can learn from his mistakes