[Accepted] unban me plz from dark gaming

1] Why were you banned? for hacking my heath
[2] When were you banned? 4 days ago
[3] How long have you been banned? 4 days
[4] Where were you when you was banned? in the car
[5] Who banned you? If you do not remember their name, then what was their staff rank? chen
[6] Do you think your ban was unfair? If so, why? No it is unfair because I was in the car with a bad hotspot.
[7] Why should we unban you? because will be good and follow the rules.( I dont hack im 10 years old)

Well… I do not want to know your age. I want to hear the actual truth.

about what

me hacking

Yes, you hacking.

fine i did use only 1 hack

my friend says its not far too other people so i stoped

ther u go

the truth

Are you truly sorry for your actions? I want to know this will not happen again. We have people watching from every corner.

yeah i am real sorry

yeah i am real sorry

it wont happen again

Hmm. Alright, if we catch you hacking again, we won’t be so merciful. You are unbanned, thread now closed.