[Accepted] UnBan Me, it wasn't fair

No i wasn’t warned i just logged on and it said i was banned.
No, it wasn’t fair because i wasn’t even online!
I was banned for no reason. i logged on and it goes banned for ever! i did nothing and got banned. thats just stupid. i either got hacked or my sister was on so either way i’m changing my password. plz unban me or atleast considerate it. thank you for your time. My sister says she is sorry for cussing and being inapropriate.

If that was your sister then there’s no problem,
make sure it won’t be happened again as you responsible
for your character.
This thread is now marked as Accepted and you will be un-banned in some minutes.
Consider your words, too. That was fair as your character was cursing and I took the action that needed to be