[Accepted] thedorklord ban appeal

Im an idiot and i was sorry

[Q1] I was banned again because my stupidity my id is 3189
[Q2] Section 5 hacking
[Q3] It was fair because my stupidity -__-
[Q4] Im sorry for breaking the rules again and i am stupid somtimes. And i will make a swear.
I swear i will never cheat ever again and i have deleted my cheats/hacks from my computer. And also i wanted to see my friends and im sorry sorry a million times sorry and i love this server sorry.

pweese unbon me äñ☻Φ

Why would you hack after being unbanned? Furthermore, you used your hacks in PvP, purposefully ruining the experiences of others.

You have blatantly lied about not breaking the rules before. How do you expect to be trusted?

I just wanted to be a pro player at pvp and I feel like a noob but I used hacks and i felt extremely wrong about it. And i don’t wanna harm this server. And I hate hackers and I hate myself hacking even more. so please give me another chance and ill wont hack anymore and i swear and I wont do another ban appeal again.

This is your final chance.