[Accepted] TheApollyon Ban Appeal

I don’t speak much English, but I will try to be as clear …
[Q2]Yes, I broke it knowingly
[Q3]yes it was fair
[Q4]Well the truth is that the server is like a home for me, I have a lot of fun and it makes me forget about the problems I have in real life, I dedicate a lot of my time to the server and I broke the rules without knowing the consequences, I’m very sorry for that and I promise that I will not do it again.

I read all the rules to explain what I broke but can’t find it, I think it’s some kind of bug. practically what happens to me sometimes (which I think is because of the lag) is that when I enter survival, the rift objects remain in my inventory, also the pets or summoners, it has happened to me several times and in the latter I took advantage of it I promise I won’t do it again :frowning:

As stated in the banlink, your ban reason was:

I found you with 66 golden crates in your inventory which is extremely unlikely given the time since the reset and lack of any other indications that you spent much time on fishing. Thus in accordance to Section 10 #4, the keeping of illegitimate items, you were considered equivalent of breaking Section 5, exploits and hacking.
An exploit is an unintentional bug/glitch that is used to an advantage. In your case, to transfer items into survival.

Appeal accepted.
You will be held to your promise as to not do this again. Your inventory has been reset.