[Accepted] Terrariabutterfly's Ban Appeal

I came on to find I was banned from the survival and main server.

[Q1] Provide the ban link or number
The ban number was: dark-gaming.com/ban/85

[Q2] Were you warned before being banned?
I do not think was not warned.

[Q3] Do you think your ban was fair? If not, provide a reason
I was banned for mining 22 blocks. I suppose it is fair that i was banned for greifing one’s creation. But i would never do it again. I’m being honest.

[Q4] Why sould we unban you?
I would like to be unbanned. I promise i will never greif again and would like to say sorry and make up for the mistake. I understand how frustrating it is when people greif, I am very sorry.

I’m not sure if we have to do this for ban appeals but I want you to have a good chance.
To bold your questions type [b] before you do the question so [b] [Q1]
And then end your questions with the same thing but with a / in front of the B
So it ends up looking like this
[Q1] provide the ban link or number

Also please put a space between your questions and awnsers.

I’m on your side terraria butterfly. I’ve seen you on the server a lot and you seem like a kind friendly person. Best of luck getting unbanned.

Sorry that looked wierd. Hopefully you get the idea xD

Thank you MrSandwich, i will improve the appeal

It’s try not to mess up like I did X3
~your friendly neighborhood sandwich

Dear god

dont know why you got banned but i support your appeal

get unbanned soon

Who’s creation did you grief?


I expected that as much :v

Deserves to be unbanned, friendly and mature person. He/she wont do something like this again so i suggest a unbann.

You griefed the pathway by the spawn at hell.



First of all I did not warn you or tell you that you were going to be banned because I had no way of doing so. If you had been online at the time I would have notified you that you were going to be banned and why.
I have a few questions for you.

·Do you realise why this is a violation of the rules?
·Why did you grief?
·Will you do it again?
·Do you regret griefing?

If you present reasonable answers to these questions you will have a higher chance of being unbanned. Good luck.

There is no format requirements for a ban appeal. However the appealer could have added more to question four and overall they could have improved their grammar.

That’s why i said i’m not sure if you have to but I still want her to havea good chance.
The neater it looks the better the chance.

Answering Donut’s Questions

Yes, i do realise this is a violation of the rules.
I was in a hurry and so i decided to mine through to the hellevator.
No, i will not greif again. I have been greifed many times, i know how frustrating it is.
I regret greifing lots. I feel as though I have ruined a friendship with TestCharacter and I probably will not be trusted again for a while.

I am very sorry.

TerrariaButterfly, I don’t believe Donut’s screenshots are of my hellevator; they seem to be from the regular server.

Even so, it’s okay if you did grief my hellevator, I know from interacting with you on the SCC server that you wouldn’t have intended to do that. :slight_smile:
I hope you get unbanned!


Please actually look at my evidence before you make your statement. Those screenshots are not that of Genericuser’s hellevator nor are they on the SSC server. Please re-answer the second, third and fourth questions. Good luck.

Why would you grief at hell anyway? You should think twice before destroying something on the server.

Also, someone copied one of my old usernames. “Newbie”

I don’t think it was me that did that on the main server. The only time i go down to hell on the main server is to check up on my demonite building.

Perhaps someone has the same name as me?

accounts can be only made once with one name, I don’t think another “terrariabutterfly” could be a crew cause there is already one.

But there is a possibility of it being a crew that made a new character with the same name as yours then uses the fake “terrariabutterfly” then login to his original account which is not TBF. then frame you, but i don’t see a reason why they would frame you.

I thought someone might have the same name, because The only times i went down to hell was because i was building things, and farming WoF

Thought so, I thought of you breaking a hole in the bridge to throw the voodoo to, to farm the WoF.