[Accepted] StevenDoesGamingLOL's Ban Appeal

[Q1] dark-gaming.com/ban/717
[Q2] No
[Q3] Kinda since it was technically my fault for not reading the rules of the server.
[Q4] Because it was a year ago and my friends and I used to play on this server all the time.

That’s not really a good reason for us to unban you… time may mend physical wounds, but that’s about it. Unless you really want to be unbanned and you have a legitimate reason for us to unban you, you won’t get too far with this. I would suggest changing the 4th question.

At the time, wearing developer armor (showing), required a modified client. You broke the rules as per S5#1 of the rules. Please explain why you thought it necessary to modify your client and think it was ok, without firstly asking, or seeing that Red’s Wings were clearly unfair at the time, and you had the potential to exploit such an unfair item by modifying your client.

After an explanation and confirmation of reading over the rules, we can discuss a potential unban.

Q4 My friend told me I should and then shortly after modding my client we went on to your lovely server where he said I wouldn’t get banned or anything for using it there. I should have checked with some of the admins that where online but I was too excited and didn’t. And yes, I just finished reading over the rules.

Ok, the good thing is that after 1.3 you no longer require a modified client to use developer armor. Given that you acknowledge that we do not accept modifications to clients by our users, under any circumstances, including all members and staff, then I can feel confident that you are ready to be allowed back onto the server.

So does that mean i’m unbanned? :smiley:

You’ve not acknowledged anything yet.

What do you mean by “Acknowledge?”

Look it up. You need to convey it.

I acknowledge that I modded my client and was wearing developer armor as well as Red’s Wings. I am very sorry for what I have done.

Ban lifted; thread is closed.