[Accepted] sirsteve's ban appeal

1 . http://t.dark-gaming.com/ban/243
2. the caps one I should have known that one but I didn’t know I disrespected the rules
3.yes there was areas that I didn’t know but some I did realise after I did the caps
4.ok im starting off by saying sorry about braking the rules wether I knew or didn’t but I I think I should be unbaned because I love this server so much with my friends and I like to help people that don’t understand how to do something like spawn a boss that happens a lot sometimes but even if it small like how do I register but over all I just want to come back to the server its cool I will follow the rules but sometime I do make a mistake cause I don’t realise I had caps lock on and type sometime its small like yes or no or well could I help you but I do tell people to take dev items on and if they don’t then yes I will make a report now but they take it off I do try to give non caps warning I think there was a time where I didn’t realise I had caps on but sometime caps is the only way cause a player legendary dragon I made like 3-7 warnings he didn’t listen and I used caps he realised that was once though but plz I really love the server

By disrespecting the rules I mean that you’ve been breaking them in a longer period of time, but it wasn’t serious enough for you to be banned permanently. Remember you’ve been banned temporary for one day? This was meant to be the strongest warning to you, that if you won’t stop, then you will face the situation you’re facing now. You didn’t stop breaking the rules.

I understand that sometimes one may not notice that has CAPS LOCK on, but it’s not an excuse already if it happens notoriously. You should pay more attention to what you’ve typed before you’ll send it.

Regarding spam… well, it’s not tolerated. Again, pay attention to what you type.

Steve please add full stops in the last paragraph, I struggled reading it.

I’ll let A68 to deal with the appeal as he’s the staff member who banned him.

so what do I do now do I wait or do I do another one what do I do I really ant to come back on it is my favourite server im really upset :frowning:

I am new to this i am serious i am new to the forums thing but did I do the appeal thing right or was it wrong? plz tell me

I will latterly take/ripe off my caps lock if it means I can come back on

No need to break any buttons. Read Rules https://dark-gaming.com/thread/dark-gaming-terraria-server-rules.421, especially first section.

Do you promise to pay more attention to following rules?

yes I looked at them rules abit ago I just revised them just then I promise to follow them anything plz :frowning:

yes I looked at them rules abit ago I just revised them just then

<:( plz

Ok, your ban will be lifted!

omg omg thz so much ohh thank you so much :slight_smile: