[Accepted] Seraph's Ban Appeal

[Q1] I was banned with a command.

[Q2] I did break the rules knowingly. I was able to build in Hell because I was added to the build list.

[Q3] I do believe my ban was fair.

[Q4] I should be unbanned because I have been a valued (maybe) member of this server, as I have made many friends and have had many good moments here. I would like to continue to make more memories here.

Before I can unban you I need to ask you, why did you do that if you knew you’re breaking rules?

I built it because I wanted to see if I could. We were under siege by bosses at Spawn and the creatures of Hell were attacking me in Hell.

Well, there would be no problem if you delete it after…

Read rules of the server thoroughly and then I will unban you.

I know, I forgot to scrap it.

Did you read rules?

I did, after spending 5 minutes looking for them…

Good! Your ban has been lifted. Welcome back Seraph :slight_smile: Don’t repeat it :stuck_out_tongue: