[Accepted] ScptrX ban appeal.

[Q1] https://dark-gaming.com/ban/1012
[Q2] No, I wasn’t warned.
[Q3] Yes
[Q4] Ok, So here is the story; I had a very bad internet that day, And i lagged out when i was at the Boss arena, I was like: "Griefing this for the lols wouldn’t harm anything becouse i timed out anyway…"So i did that and rejoined, Then i saw there was a huge part of the wall missing (At the elevator), I fixed it and painted it, then left it there.
So what i am telling there is that i didn’t do it on purpose, But ofcourse, It’s my fault for being that stupid.

  • Why would i grief if i can get all the items for free with the /i command or either the freeitems room?

Even if it was an accident, and you did believe yourself to be timed out, you shouldn’t ‘grief this for the lols.’ As a great man once said, “What can go wrong, will go wrong.” I’m sure Sandwich will tell you this, but you’ll need to look at the rules again and swear that it won’t happen again. (Although hey, you don’t have to do it yet. I’m a nobody. xD)

I know, I was very stupid for doing that.

I have some photos of what was (should) be the grief. It was quite large to be honest and well over 300 blocks. I have photos but the ban should have included evidence anyway. So if you do get unbanned just make sure this doesn’t happen again. A staff member should deal with you soon enough.

Update Hmm it seems it doesn’t have photos! but you know what has happened so it shouldn’t be a problem.

I do have photos, but Scptr seemed to know the reason of his/her ban. (Sorry, it’s the Internet you never know what gender someone could be) Summy notified me a day ago that a few blocks had been taken out of the elevator down to the boss arena. I found around 10 blocks and kinda just rolled it back with a whatever face. Moveing on, I found a huge chunk of the elevator ripped up and replaced with a bad paint job. But that’s not all, I kept looking around and in the mob/boss arena I found a huge chuck of around 2000 pearlstone replaced in a big beat box. Why you would have the intentions of doing this is beyond me, and I’m not particularly strict about first time bans(as most staff should be) normally I would tell you to simply read over the rules and to ask any questions if you don’t understand anything. But this grief was a very very large portion of blocks. If it truest was lag then the majority of it is a little less serious. But the walls of spawn I don’t understand. The pattern is simple and the paint is easy to pick up. You should have just replaced what you could.

Ah, About the pearlstone, I was building a house there but someone said it wasn’t allowed, So i removed it.

You are aware that you shouldn’t build a house around that area right? You probably should have just asked a staff to roll you back instead of just removing it and leaving a huge empty area. If you ever accidently grief like that or something goes wrong, you can usually avoid being banned by immediately notifying a staff member(presuming it was an accident) with the exception of chat violations and modded clients, avoiding getting banned isn’t hard. Since this is merely a first ban though I will be more willing to let you come back. Your reasons sound like the truth to me, you just shouldn’t be so foolish next time. Read over the rules and (as Lilian stated) promise me you will avoid breaking the rules at all costs.

I’ll promise to avoid breaking the rules at all costs.

Okay, I’ll unban you within 10 minutes, next time be more careful.