[Accepted] Scarf's Ban appeal

  1. https://dark-gaming.com/ban/3597
  2. Nope.
  3. Nope, because one person gave me solar flare items. About money… I found in bin on spawn.
  4. Because I didn’t broke the rules.
    P.S. I’m bad in english .-.

You obviously have yet to read the rules, so your image of what the rules are for the server are understandingly wrong. Once you have finished reading the rules, explain in your own words what rule you broke.

Heh, absolutely right, I didn’t read the rules. But now that it’s done, I get it.
I understand that using things that were received from another player is… not fair. It doesn’t matter where my items came from, the main thing is that they were not obtained by my own work and were a “cheat”. I shouldn’t have used them.
I promise that this will not happen again.

You appear to have misunderstood.
Section 10 - Survival
#4 Item Drops
Keeping illegit item drops is equivalent to using a Modified Client to spawn them in. Refer to S5#1.

You kept and used illegitimate items which came from someone using a modified client. Using cheated items in survival makes it little different from pve since you put little effort into getting anything.
Do you understand the issue now?

This idea I tried to convey. I was prevented by the language barrier from expressing this correctly.
Yes, I understand the essence of my ban.