[Accepted] ~SaloonGirl~'s Phase Appeal

Yes I have been banned on the In-Game Discussion on Phase. I have hit my “Caps Lock” while typing and I have send those “All Capital Letters Messages” three times, I was so blind I didn’t notice it. I didn’t mean to abuse the caps, I’m already 22 and my sight is getting blurry but I already use glasses these days so I can see clearly, I wanted to go back to the In-Game discussion its because:
Number 1. I wanted to help people.
Number 2. While I’m on zombies and people need help I can help them through the In-Game discussion.
Number 3. I am trying to be helpful there and if there’s a problem and no one else is online I could screenshot it and report it
Rofle, I know you’re a good server owner and you’ll accept my appeal, I’m not joking around. Everytime I make an something like this I’m serious, I don’t want the members/guests in the server feeling lost. So I needed to be in the In-Game Discussion for me to help them.Sorry…

Sincerely: ~SaloonGirl~

Questions And Answer:

[Q1] Did you break the rules knowingly? No, I just hit my caps accidentally, I didn’t want to press caps, I only press them when I’m making a project or something.
. [Q2] Do I think my ban was fair? I think it was fair, I mean I accidentally sent “All Capital Letters Messages” three times, I was the one who sent it and no one should be blamed but me.
[Q3] Why should you unban me? Why? Because I wanted to communicate, help, ETC. But I don’t want to troll/prank people, that’s not my habit, sometimes I try to be savage or something to defend other people, other people keeps saying: Faggot, Nigga, ETC. And reading those messages doesn’t feel good in my mind and other’s mind. I mean still I got auto banned because of that.

Also my ban is automatic so I don’t have the link, I didn’t put “Q1] Provide the Ban link; Your ban is either t.dark-gaming.com/ban/0 or dark-gaming.com/ban/0
(paste the correct one! The two are different)” because I don’t have one

Sincerely from: ~SaloonGirl~