[Accepted] Rollie's ban appeal

[1] Why were you banned?
I was banned for greifing
[2] When were you banned?
8/15/14 at about 2:30
[3] How long have you been banned?
since 2:30
[4] Where were you when you was banned?
I do not think I was on the server
[5] Who banned you? If you do not remember their name, then what was their staff rank?
I am not aware who banned me
I do not think I was on the server it was my little sister who was on using my character
she is 7 and she doesn’t know to check the chat
[6] Do you think your ban was unfair? If so, why?
my little sister doesn’t know the rules but I have recently told her
[7] Why should we unban you?
I very much enjoy the server and I have spent a good amount of time building my fortress
I don’t think it is fair to punish me for my sisters wrong doing

I banned you.
As long as you didn’t actually griefed the arena I will have no problem to un-ban you.

We will just wait to the say of other staff members and we will do the actions that we will need to take.
But take it as a notice, keep your account safe, since there were more situations that players were banned because of they’r
friend’s/family member’s mistake.

thank you

Rollie, you are in charge of your account. If you allow your sister to use it, it does not affect our point of view what so ever. You are one entity on the server regardless of the person behind the mask and if an incorrect action is taken that therefore violates the rules we will ban the account. If it is indeed your sister that did these actions you share the responsibility of her damage. If she is in future to use the account, you need to make sure both you and her have understood the rules.

Any future grief will have your account terminated indefinitely. Do not make this same mistake again. Please tell ThePunisher and I that you and your sister have read the rules as well as any other person you’re willing to give your account’s use to and tell ThePunisher and I that such a mistake will never happen again; promise.

i promise

Make sure that it wont happen again.
I un-banned you.