[Accepted] Riot-'s Ban Appeal

(my ban)
2.Yes i was breaking the rules and note listening to warnings (im sorry)
3.i really can’t anwser that as it was my first day on the server and i didn’t even know the rules and all i was doing was doing bosses and pvp
4.I promise i will never be mean in chat (even though other people were and they were never banned) and i will mind my own business please unban me and it was my first time

You need to stop pointing at other people, this ban is about you. You were banned because you did not listen to warnings about your behaviour; Brushing your behaviour off because “its the internet” shows how little you think about what you’re doing. How can we possibly believe you won’t do it again, since you consider that “its the internet” and nothing you do matters?

i’m sorry i didn’t word it correctly as i was fustrated at how i couldn’t play on my favourite server .
let me re-write it.I’m basically begging for mercy as well the internet is what it is you choose if you do unban me
if you don’t then well i’ll be extremely sad but thats how life is i guess. if you do i’ll never do something like that and i’ll just play and not talk please once again unban me

i edited my 2. a bit and 4. and i re-worded it on my first reply just so you understand what i meant

Read the rules over.
Try to identify what rule(s) you broke, tell me in a reply and assure me you understand what you did that got you banned.

Section 1 - Religious,sexual or other
Yes i understand how i was not being kind to others and interfering other peoples discussions like i did to you i’m sorry

(i’m sorry if this isn’t the rule that i broke there went many that described what i did) once again i’m sorry

That section is more for sensitive debate content that can spiral into chaos. The more appropriate one is:

[quote=The Rules]Section 0 - General
#3 Community
Any actions, which may or may not include those covered by the rules in the other sections, which go against other users specifically to ruin their experience in the community may have their accounts seized without warning or reason. This rule will only be applied when it is clear that a user is trying to ruin an experience of another member, by repeated insults, teasing or other means. [/quote]

Do you understand how your behaviour falls into this category?

yes i understand fully how my actions fall into that category and my very sorry for what i did

You have been unbanned.

thank you very much