[Accepted] Razorvenom48's Ban Appeal

Q1: dark-gaming.com/ban/2485
Q3:My ban wasnt fair as i dont remember griefing anything and if i did, then it was because my mouse was glitchy and i had the laser drill at hand.
Q4:Because my ban wasnt fair!

Do you think you get banned without a reason?

Take a look at these images (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5C160nToDx7dXN0cUUycEJQSTg), then redo your appeal.

I thoought those blocks were free to break, and did not belong to anyone. I was just trying to get to a place underground and didnot mean to break those.

Redo your appeal.

Q1: dark-gaming.com/ban/2485
Q2:No, i thought those blocks didnt belong to anyone
Q3: I guess my ban was fair in a way, though i didnt know that
Q4:As i have done alot for the server, Ive made new friends and really want to redeem myself.
Points ive broke:#3 Small Griefing
Any Griefing as small as 0-15 blocks, collectively including all grief found, is not bannable but the player will be warned.

You’ve broken more than 15 blocks, which results in ban.

How could you think that blocks placed by a another player didn’t belong to anyone? Especially that to break those below you had to go through an open area with visible structures, also built by another player. How could you do the same stupid thing again? And how can you guarantee that it won’t happen the third time?

If it happens again, ban me forever and I wont make an appeal. i would find some other server to become a loyal member to. its your choice to unban me. ive realised how stupid ive been and i will attempt to be loyal again. i will gurantee you it wont happen again.

I would never be able to find a server as good as DG again. If you want, take my crew off, put me back on level 1 on DTP, but allow me back on the server.

Read the Rules of the server and understand them. Let me know after that.

I have read the rules of the server, and swear to obey them as strictly as possible and will make sure everyone will do to.