[Accepted] Razorvenom48's Ban Appeal

Q2=Yes, I had had a bad day, i was frustrated and angry, so i griefed.
Q3=My ban was very fair and i was wrong.
Q4=Because DG is my favorite server and i was a high level on DTP and had worked very hard on levelling up. i had many friends at DG and was o the server for 3 months. I really want to get unbanned so we can keep spreading the DG word.

I will gladly welcome you back. But before that you need to read and understand rules of the server https://dark-gaming.com/thread/421 Also, write down here the point that you’ve broke.

Let me know when you read them.

I fully understand the rules, and the points I’ve broke are:
1:I have abused profanty
2:I have griefed.
Please unban me as i would love to go on DG again and have fun playing on it.

Please write down (copy) the points that you’ve broke.

#5 Profanity and Related
Profanity and related language is to be used rarely, and may not be used against someone.
#1 Griefing is the removal/addition of blocks to another player’s structure without their permission to do so. Griefing is punishable by no other than a ban and will not expire. Protection is irrelevant in all cases of grief. It is only there to avoid having others break this rule.

Good! Welcome back to the server Razor.