[Accepted] Raylzaw's Ban Appeal.

[Q1]Provide the Ban link

[Q2]Did you break the rules knowingly?
Yes , but i will not do that again.

[Q3]Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
Im not sure because although I broke a rule,it was not the one I was banned for ,and I would never do that again.

[Q4]Why should we unban you?
Im truly sorry for what I have done,I was messing with the chat trying to put items in it that i did not have.I thought that it would be fun,suprising players with items I did not have.I did that by going to the items dimension,picking an item,going back to survival and pressing alt to put it in the chat,then pressing enter.Then I thought if it could happen with my inventory.So I did everything i did before but instead of putting the lunatic cultist bag in the chat,i placed it at the last moment in my inventory. And it worked.I had the bag.I was going to trash it and try to inform the server about it,so it could be fixed,but i started to get scared so I did not do it.I will not do that ever again , I promise.

Appeal accepted.