[Accepted] Rainbow Princess' Ban Appeal

My ban link is http://dark-gaming.com/ban/3781

I’d like to be completely transparent and honest so I’ll start off by saying that I was fully aware that modified clients/players warranted an immediate ban and as such, took the utmost care to avoid ever using a modified client while on the Dark Gaming Server. However, I was totally unaware that a terraria modifier tool which I only used when playing alone, (and rapidly deleted) a year ago, would cause me to look like I was cheating with more inventory slots than available. In fact one moderator mentioned that I had a medal in the helmet inventory slot. So yes, I was aware of the rules on hacking and modification (as per section 5: Hacking/Exploits) but I had absolutely no idea that I was in violation until today and for that, I truly do apologize.

I understand why I was banned, it appeared as though I had been cheating with a modified client and so I won’t argue that it was unfair. However, please, please understand that I deleted the game modifying tool a long time ago and had no idea about it’s permanent effect on my character. Had I known, I would’ve reinstalled terraria, checked the game file integrity, deleted Rainbow Princess and made a completely new ‘Rainbow Princess’ as I have done now.

I’d like to tell everyone that I’m really sorry for violating the rules of your server, please know that I did so obliviously and without any ill intentions yet it is still my fault that this happened and consequently affected the experience of others, so I’d once again apologize, especially to the server moderator(s)/manager(s). I’ve been playing on your server for quite a while and it’s been so wonderful for stress relief (especially that rad PVP!),everyone’s quite nice and sometimes I quite enjoy just reading all of your banter, it really is a fantastic community! During my time on the server, I’ve never made trouble for anyone (aside from today!), and guys, I honestly really enjoy all of your company!! As previously mentioned, I have deleted the old ‘Rainbow Princess’ and made a new ‘Rainbow Princess’ after reinstalling terraria and verifying file integrity, you can trust that this won’t happen again. With all of that being said, if you choose no to accept this appeal, I completely understand. Thnx for all the great experiences and once again, my apologies.

Appeal accepted.