[Accepted] Please unban me

I was in pvp with another player using the snowman launcher and accidently hit a building and I thought I had repaired the damage and then I got permanently banned. Please unban me because I as really enjoying playing on the server and played it a lot since I found out about it and now I can’t play anymore.

sorry accidently reposted

Wait, so you were using the snowman launcher with rocket II and IVs, and it damaged the terrain?

Coz if thats true, we really need to find a way to ban those rockets for use as ammo…rocket I and IIIs are OK, since they dont damage terrain, but II and IVs DO, so those are not OK.

Yeah I think they should. A lot of the time the terrain would be protected so I thought it would fine but one building wasn’t protected

And seriously…

Please follow the correct format for the ban appeal please

Post a thread in the ban-appeals section using the following format:
[1] Why were you banned?
[2] When were you banned?
[3] How long have you been banned?
[4] Where were you when you was banned?
[5] Do you think your ban was unfair?
[6] Why should we unban you?

There is no word limit, however, a more detailed application will be given more thought. Rushing your application will not get you unbanned.

I was banned for griefeing the soawn using the snowman launcher
I first found out I was banned on the 20th of February at 7:00
I have been banned for about two days
I had been in some pvp and I disconnected and the next time I tried to join I found out that I was banned
I think it was unfair because I thought I had repaired the damage
Because I loved playing on the server and was very disappointed to find out I was banned. I also wasn’t even sure why I had been banned when I first realized I had been banned.

Sorry I didn’t realize there was a proper format.

Can someone read my ban appeal please

I got rid of that post when I realized that. You just can see it xD

I thought I’d unbanned this person already but I cant remember if it was another person. Gets confusing. Who actually banned this person?

Well if he keeps posting that he is not, then he proBoBly is not banned and idk who banned him.

Oh I was the one who banned him xD
Ok I guess I’ll just unban:

This ban application has been accepted. BoB will now lock this thread and rename the subject to have “[Accepted]”. I’ll unban you in-game.

Ok :slight_smile:

Can’t lock it for some reason. It brings me to a blank page.

https://dark-gaming.com/?action=edit.lock&id=161 brings you to blank page?