[Accepted] Please unban me

It needs to follow the format. Also note that any references to siblings or anyone else are disregarded as they are not relevant to the situation. If it was a sibling or another person who did this, then they should be appealing the ban under the account instead. For us there is no difference between the two.

Firstly, you must read the rules your brother and yourself included. These are the source of all problems as they define what is right and what is wrong on the server and you must learn these rules if you wish to avoid getting banned.

Secondly, I have no reason to believe that this will not happen again. You need to convince me that this issue will not arise again because if it does, you will not get unbanned and any appeals for the same ban reason will be denied.

[Q1] https://dark-gaming.com/ban/638
[Q2] I was not present but im sure there were notifications to tell by brother.
[Q3] It was fair as there was definitely a dev patch
[Q4] I will make sure that anybody going on your server from this computer will not use the dev patch, Im reinstalling terraria as i type this to remove the Dev patch. I will make a new character and i will make sure no inv editors were used to get the items, Not sure if you ban inv editor people but just in case. I will make sure the downloading of the Dev Patch is not happening as I will cheak my downloads and my search history. I promice this will not arise again as i will try my best to keep your server clean of any dev items or other hacks from this computer.

Did my brother have any other hacked in his inventory i should know about or was it just dev armor?

You were banned solely for the use of Red’s Armor without debuffs; no further details were required for your ban. I still need to know that you have in-fact read the rules and you understand each rule put forward as well as anyone who may be playing using the same account.

Thanks for the info and I HAVE now read the rules along with my brother so there should be no more issues

You have been unbanned; this thread is now locked.