[Accepted] please unban me, i am sorry WSC

Hey all moderators and admins of dark gaming. I am sorry for disrespect, and arguing with WSC. This is sort of late, but i want to make it up to you. I am willing to just be a normal member for the server and do what i can like that. I just want to come back so i can help new players out on information on the server, and giving them a tour. I will be around recruiting new members so the server can grow. Again, I am deeply sorry.

[1] Why were you banned? I was being disrespectful to a moderator.
[2]When were you banned? I honestly cant remember. it was maybe early February I was going do things for friends servers so I didnt get time to make a ban appeal.
[3]How long have you been banned? Maybe 3 weeks at least.
[4]where were you when you were banned? I was on the server, arguing with WSC.
[5]Do you think your ban was unfair?No, I dont think the ban was unfair. I was being childish, telling WSC how to do his job.
[6]Why should we unban you? I have been told i could be a great staff member, and i really want to continue helping people on the server.

if you would like to text me anything you want to tell me my number is 337-577-1759

i do NOT accept calls.

I like how you stated that you were wrong and that you really do apologize. Unban this guy please. Bump

Kankuro you were a great member of the server so good that I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I saw you arguing with him I do believe that you are sorry for your actions and I do wish that you be unbanned.
Its not up to me though lets see what rofl and especially wsc have to say to this

You know Kank, I really am very disappointed that this happened. But I truly believe that Kank can be,vandalism get better. I would recommend that he should be unmanned.

I think he deserves a second chance. This looks like the first sincere ban appeal I’ve ever seen.

has WSC been on lately? I want to be able to make it up to him.

He was last on Feb. 25 as of right now.

oh so he isn’t on often. Well when you next see him tell him that i want to make it up to him for being so disrespectful.

He probably doesn’t even remember. He’s mean to everyone.

wait what?

:smiley: I think you deserver a second chance because you admitted to being wrong and the ban appeal wa s well written

guys guess what! my birthday is tomorrow!

WSC is currently Inactive and probably won’t come back for some time. In this case, Unarmedbox will be responsible for dealing with this as he’s the next Manager after me as I am unable to deal with this at this moment.

I will notify Unarmedbox and he can take further action.

You have been unbanned, I know this isnt my normal account because there are some issues with it… Anyways enjoy.