[Accepted] Phase - Ban Appeal - GoldenRound

[Q1] Ban Reason - Minor Spam and Abuse of Caps

[Q2] Yes and no, I was talking in the main chat about a touchy subject and I started yelling, Abusing caps and minor spam with a few extra letters on top of some words. But all in all, I didn’t mean too, and I should’ve just taken the chat to another chat room to avoid confusion and annoyance in the main chat.

[Q3] The ban was fair as it was justified and I should’ve followed the rules more strictly.

[Q4] You should un-ban me because I love DG and I love to communicate with the server, but getting on the server isn’t always easy, so phase resolves a great alternative. Plus I recently started getting back on DG again, and I need to communicate with the server more often to stay active.

Hopefully you get back on buddy ;3 it was nice to see you type your chat as you typed it. I’m not a stalker or anything…

OR AM I???

irlurmirnarti cornfirmedz

Accepted. Phase is powerful. It has no anti-spam. Make sure you don’t abuse that privilege.