[Accepted] Phase Appeal

2 days ago I logged in just to realize I was banned/removed from in-game discussion on Phase

[Q1] Did I break the rules knowingly?
I’m no stranger to chat rules and I do not know where did I go wrong. (sounds weird ik)

[Q2] Do I think my ban was fair?
Well, everything happens for a reason. It probably was. I can’t tell.

[Q3] Why should you unban me?
I used this chat to somehow interact with the community. I like to take a peek at it to know what’s going on.
I’ve been doing so just fine and I don’t remember myself spamming or harassing people.
Is everyone tired of my bullshit? If you don’t accept me I can simply leave eventhough it was fun to play here.

But first, I would like to know what makes me a filthy sinner who doesn’t deserve to type anything.
Some sort of clarification would be greatly appreciated.


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You weren’t banned, you left. I added you back.

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