[Accepted] Old apologies

It’s been a while scince I was banned. Here goes. Deep breath
Q1-Ban link: dark-gaming.com/ban/1233
Q2 Did I break the rules knowingly: No I honestly didn’t know that anything I did was bannable. (at the time…)
Q3 Do I think the ban was fair: I’ve had half a year to think about it. Yea… I broke the rules. I would want a rule breaker out of my server as well.
Q4 Why should I be unbanned: I wanna see the cool things you guys added after 1.3 came out

I was banned for racism (I think that means hackusating), and Caps Spam. I forgot most of the other rules (sorry!) I thought Fierce and derp were truly hacking with their speed and rapidfire. I had not heard of the tabi, snowman cannon, or beetle armor yet. I tend to rage when I lose to someone using a strat I haven’t heard of. I thought I knew everything. Nobody does. I’m sorry for my rage and I wish to be unbanned.

It says on the ban that you were unbanned (it is revoked).

I just tried to get back on the server. It says I’m still banned.

Hello? anybody?