[Accepted] Noc's Ban Appeal

Q1: I was banned for “advertising.”

Q2: I didn’t break the rules knowingly, I was simply trying to help someone set their server up by giving them an example of my own.

Q3: No, it was definitely not fair, even if it is the autoban system, it’s all just because I had server details, I also was given no prior warning that I would be banned, yes I was told to whisper, but the command wasn’t working no matter what I did, I was FORCED to type in public chat.

Q4: It was not advertising, I wasn’t telling people to join my server, it was for one person only so we could see if it worked. And again, I was given no prior warning. I know now that including any server details gets you banned, I would appreciate if we could forget about all of this and you could unban me.

The strict automatic ban system is in place to prevent someone from just subverting after finding out posting a raw ip address won’t work. It cannot differentiate context, whether you are someone posting an example or spamming their ip address. Instead, a ban is used. Bans here are all permanent in length to enforce there is communication between the player and staff that the rules will be followed. If judging Q2 and Q3, it is not treated as “unfair” if the issue simply comes from the player not having read the rules. Checking the time and date of your ban, yes I did tell you here https://phase.dark-gaming.com/#messageref_33419698

[quote=Quinci at the time of your ban]
Advertising is not allowed
use direct messaging if you want to tell someone
If you are talking about other servers, use private messaging with /whisper[/quote]
It appears you were on survival and they were on items, and whispering does not work across dimension. If telling someone an ip, you could /whisper to them the ip address when you are both on the same server/dimension (not strongly recommended as typos can make the ip posted publicly and thus auto-banned) or via an external messaging program like discord or steam. You are not forced to type an ip address into chat by any rules or staff but by your convenience.
I highly recommend that you read the rules here beyond advertising.
Appeal Accepted.