[Accepted] NexusUndercover's Ban Appeal.

[Q1] https://dark-gaming.com/ban/3870

[Q2] Yes I broke the rules knowingly, I knew hacking was wrong but I was blind Im also sorry for lying to Quinci & everyone
in-game I know its hard but please try to forgive me, its ok if you don’t I underatand. I hacked because pre-hardmode was too hard for me. I know its an act of selfishness and it makes the game unfair.

What I did wrong was Hacking, Lying consider that to being toxic in-game

[Q3] It was fair because I duplicated my fallen stars, my 60 gold coins & my Life Crystals (All was hacked).

[Q4] If you decide to unban me that will make me happy I read the rules & I will not hack anymore and its ok if you remove all my items.

If you don’t its ok because i deserved it. I know people can change for the better but they have to proove it & Im sure me reputation is ruined

Read the rules here and copy exactly the rule(s) you broke, and answer the following:
[b]When is teaming in pvp allowed?

Can you swear at others?

What restrictions are there for statues that spawn mobs?[/b]

Section 5 - Hacking/Exploits

#1 Hacked Clients [or Modified Clients]

             All types of modified clients, that deviate gameplay functionally in any way from the original Terraria client; this also 
             includes using 3rd party programs, such as Inventory Editors, to modify your character to possess impossibilities, but 
             texture packs are exempt*. Warnings may be given, however due to the nature of the people using these clients, 
             warnings may not be required, and in cases where this affects other players in a negative way, to a degree of 
             selfishness, then the ban may not be appealed. 

When is teaming in pvp allowed?
#4 Teaming

        PvP is by default, a free for all. If you wish to team up with one or more players, everyone online must agree to it, not just 
        the player(s) you want to team with. 

Can you swear at others?
#5 Profanity and Related

       Profanity and related language is to be used rarely, and may not be used against someone.

What restrictions are there for statues that spawn mobs?
#5 Statues

       Statue spawns on a timer or otherwise must be appropriately controlled and not unattended. If the statue spawns 
       leave their spawn area, or a timer is left on unattended, staff can remove all wiring, statues and timers of the problem 
       structure. Repeated offenses after a warning is bannable.

Appeal accepted.