[Accepted] MrSandwich's Ban Appeal

[1] Why where you banned?

I was banned for griefing the pearl stone blocks outside spawn.

[2] When were you banned?

I don’t to know the exact time but it was in between 2:00 - 6:00 8/12/014

[3] How long have you been banned?

Again, I don’t know the exact amount of time. Most likely around 2-5 hours.

[4] Where were you when you were banned?

In Game. I was playing a match of LoL with my friends.

[5] Who banned you?

Rofle banned me.

[6] Do you think your ban was unfair?

Kinda, And here’s why. I was merely trying to figure out how fast i could mine with the shroomite digging claws. I found it to be really really really fast so i wondered if i could get myself stuck in the bricks that are protected near spawn. Turns out I could. In fact I went straight through them and I kept going cause it was fun. (I ultimately killed myself due to fall damage) I also didn’t know what i was doing counted as grief. I’ve seen lots of people mining near there before. There’s even a house near the elevator.Had I known that it was against the rules I would’ve filled in what i broke.

[7] Why should we unban you?

Because I’ve spent too much time getting to know everyone on the server and have grown up loving the server a lot. Despite Getting Temp-Banned before and getting into a lot of arguments with moderators and staff I still wish to come back and play more. I am also a few days before my helper application is accepted/denied and I don’t want my “Career if you will” to end just now. I feel that a lot of people would like me to come back onto the server as well. I am also a donator. (if that proves anything) ((even thought it doesn’t))


Nice appeal, but I believe this cancels out your Helper app. I would also like to say that I think you already knew the rules saying that you have been here a while. Grieving and or trying to grief anothers creation is an insta-ban even if you replace the blocks. So it is up to Rofle whether or not you are unbanned, good luck.


its fine if it cancels out my helper app. Thanks fro reviewing to say the least, Although it wasnt really griefing anyones creation it was BESIDE spawn. Not in spawn, BESIDES.


MrSandwich the pearlstone IS the spawn. The stone was placed there when V2 was being created for the aesthetic and perfect look it gave as well as to remove any mobs from spawning outside the boundaries. If you’re trying to say you didn’t grief spawn, you are saying you deny griefing.


no i dont deny griefing i just thought that was naturally there.


I even warned you before when you did the same thing. The difference is now that I was wrong not to ban you for that offence. These areas are not protected in order to catch griefers. Just because the tiles used are in-fact common stone or related tiles, does not mean they are not of use. If these areas were dug out, mobs would spawn in them and people would find that little to no mobs are spawning because 3/4 of the people on the server had caused them to spawn inside these blocked areas. It’s a knock-on effect and is further than griefing itself. Do you recognize the rules and the damage done?


It was an accident Rofle…

Why are you so harsh?

“I even warned you before when you did the same thing.”
I dont ever recall being warned about grieinfg…

“The difference is now that I was wrong not to ban you”
Am I really that bad of a crew member? Why cant We just get along for once?
And Besides, I didn’t Purposely Grief. I was merely testing out the shroomite digging claws.
I didn’t know it would get me in that much troube as to say get perma-banned like I am now.
I most definately do Recognize the Rules and or damage i COULD have done.
There is always the abiltie to rollback, And besides you have helpers and moderators on frequently to prevent people from doing that at the time. I recognize what i did was wrong and so i made this post and talked as fairly as i could.


I do believe Mr. Sandwich has a fair point, it may have been a mistake to grief the stone. But Rofle is right it was grief, and even though you did not see he warn you dose not me he did not… The chat on the server dose move very fast sooo it might have been hard to see… That is all that I have too say (there might have been faults on both sides. Be aware of that.). Oh, and one more thing. Mr. Sandwich, it is part of Rofle’s job to be harsh. He is the owner of a very popular (and very well managed might I add) server. He has to be the bad guy sometimes, you just have to be aware of that sometimes.
Thanks for reading,
-Hello (Crew)


I, myself, do believe that this is an unfair punishment, he has apologized and I don’t believe that he did it on purpose. I know that Rofle can be harsh and mostly has a right to do so but MrSandwich is a nice person and should be let off this time. I’m not trying to start any more arguments or anything like that but as G8runsc1976 said:
It is part of Rofle’s job to be harsh. And he does have to be the bad guy sometimes.


I get that he has to be the “bad guy” but hes just being a jerk to me. on the other server i was talking about how if i knew the server would just take me back to being crew i wouldnt have helped set it up and the net thing rofle said was “Boo-Hoo”. What kind of an owner says boo-hoo when another person is clearly in a bad mood. I HATE to be rude like this but its starting to get to me, a day before my b-day as well. Great timing…


coach just saying that you said that this is not the first time and also Mrsandwich you said in the shoutbox about rofle "can’t we just we just be friends"I couldn’t remember the rest and rofle let you off on that first time and also saying “He has a right to be harsh” that doesnt mean he gets to act like a robot whos only purpose is to ban people. He acts like he has no emotion constantly"about rofle may put you in his unliked spot. As well as saying"I get that he has to be the “bad guy” but hes just being a jerk to me. on the other server i was talking about how if i knew the server would just take me back to being crew i wouldnt have helped set it up and the net thing rofle said was “Boo-Hoo”. What kind of an owner says boo-hoo when another person is clearly in a bad mood. I HATE to be rude like this but its starting to get to me, a day before my b-day as well. Great timing…"that is also saying that you don’t want to be unbanned but saying stuff about the admins and others will not get you anywhere in life.


Obviously I do not know the situation or the people you argued with but generally it isn’t a good idea to argue with staff members.

Honestly it doesn’t look like you’re trying to get unbanned. You seem rather disrespectful.
I was looking at the shoutbox history and well, KRONOS is right, this is a quote from you.

No one enjoys when you break the rules and then you act discourteous, especially Rofle. Rofle’s main job on the server isn’t to make friends and have inconsequential conversations.

Helpers can’t really prevent griefing other than protecting houses. Just because we have people to check for the griefs doesn’t mean that you are still magically allowed to do it. It’s on you, you griefed. In my opinion you deserve your punishment for what you have done. Doing /rollback takes time and energy. This was previously argued on another ban appeal.

Before you had applied for helper, you should have known the rules and the consequences of violating those rules.
If you are going to continue to act the way you are acting then, in my opinion, I do not see as to why you should be unbanned.


Very well said Tip. I would also like to note that he is not being a “Jerk” or “mean”. He does his job well, and to do it well you have to upset some people. People don’t get away with something if they are a staff member’s best friend, and people who are disliked don’t get treated any worse. Rofle is just looking at you as a griever that needs to be justified. So please no more disrespecting Rofle, unless you want this denied. Thanks


[quote=MrSandwich] that doesnt mean he gets to act like a robot whos only purpose is to ban people.[/quote]I get to act how I like because I shape the community the way I want it. With the details of previous offences here on the site, especially at me and the disrespectful and totally careless use of words, it’s hard to say you fit and will ever fit into this communities goal. I don’t see how there is a problem with me acting like a robot seeing as my job is partially to ban people. I think this should be called by a vote of staff.
To Staff: Would all staff available message my via PM your take and vote on this ban appeal.


Dang, I’m not staff yet…


Don’t worry Mocab you will always be one of my friends. Regardless if I was acting that immature that Rofle regrets NOT banning me I’m either acting really childish or Rofle just doesn’t like me. (Both seem to be true)
Also Tip nearly all the times I’ve broken the rules have been purely an accident. Yes i did grief, BUT I didn’t know that it counted as grief in the first place
Yes, I am acting a little disrespectful, but part of that is i’m kind of grumpy due to not sleeping. ( I strained a muscle in my chest area so its hard to breath) Before i applied for Helper I DID know the rules and consequences of breaking them. People supported me cause they knew who I am and how I act.
I still have plenty of friends on the server that enjoy my company and I enjoy theres. I’m not giving up hopes untill i can at least say goodbye to my friends.

And for the billionth time, I didn’t mean to grief it was purely an accident!


Accidental breakage of the rules is no where near an excuse. If you do not understand the rules, you should question them. Whether accidental or not does not warrant breakage of said rules.


It’s not that I don’t understand the rules, It’s just that I have no intention or reason TO break the rules in the first place.
I donated to the server for a reason. (not to try and get my history clean) I donated because I enjoy playing on the server and I enjoy talking with others and helping out. I want to support the server as it grows more and more. I know that just because I accidentally broke the rules doesn’t mean I’m free to come back. That doesn’t mean that I still don’t want to come back period. I have spent more than 100 hours on the server. I didn’t expect there to be this much of an argument over un-banning one of the more well known crew members :\


Griefing is the worst offence that exists on the server. It’s not something to let off lightly. You decided that my judgement would be biased and unfair so I’ve called for the vote of Staff rather than my own. If you think my personal views against you are a deciding factor then I would already have banned you without argument. Acting like a robot, banning people, in this situation rather than basing it off personal views is the way this works and although you see it badly, it is what is meant to filter out biased point of views.


I cant see what is written here and not to say my words.
Sandwich was a true supporter of the server (Not only because of the donation).
If we we will go backwards, without counting all the comments, he didn’t know some stuff about the griefing rule
and he shows you how much he wants to support the server as a new helper and by doing a good work.
Just as other ban appeals, MrSandwich didn’t know, just like the Vec’s accepted ban appeal (btw, I never saw that guy, except of on the forums) when he also wasn’t aware of the rules, but he didn’t read them either. Sandwich did.
If I can be cold, then everyone can be as the different situations requires that sometimes when cursing for example, so you all know that I don’t give a damn thing about people that are showing up with “*uck the punisher” as a name, just like 2 days ago or mass cursing “f you” and more nice words to me and to other people.
But Rofle must not take any side on fights, since he is the owner, and he won’t let himself to fail the server, the server that he and other staff members were building for over than 2 years.