[Accepted] momoko69's ban appeal. [2]

There was no ban link for me but it said ‘Misbehaviour’

I have no clue how I broke the rules and would like to know why

I’m not sure if my ban was fair I would like to understand why I was banned first then why

I think you should unban me (even though this is my second time) because I would like to make what I did wrong right so please let me redeem myself

Edit: I might have been banned for having illegitimate platinum coins - I found them in a chest with other players too.

I banned you via phase (which doesn’t automatically kick with the ban reason) then kicked you ingame. If you attempt to rejoin, you should see a banlink in your ban message.

I tried joining but since I’m traveling all around the world this summer the IP keeps changing and it just says 'Connecting to and not doing anything else. help, please.

Update: I can get in the server but not into survival and when I try to go in it says I’m banned forever for misbehavior, still no ban link

update 2: I can only move but not go anywhere

http://dark-gaming.com/ban/3938 banlink

Why should I unban you if you break the rules so swiftly after appealing? You didn’t seem to take the rules into account at all, if keeping 129 platinum coins was seemingly fine.

And you say you found the platinum coins in a chest? Where was this chest? Who else ‘found’ this chest?

this chest was at the rocean after I took some I trashed the other platinum and the other person that was with me trashed their platinum we were on disc call and he screen shared

What is their in-game name?

And again,

Why should I unban you if you break the rules so swiftly after appealing? You didn’t seem to take the rules into account at all if keeping 129 platinum coins was seemingly fine. you said. and I think that maybe I don’t deserve to be back on the server but I would like to. this time I will be sure to be careful I will have my friend watch over me (twiisted) just one last try, please.

twiisted is the one who trashed them and told me to get rid of them but I was foolish not to listen

are you going to make me wait for days to pass by?

Read the entirety of therules here and copy exactly the rule(s) you broke.
Then acknowledge that you are aware of the entirety of the rules, and thereby any further breakages of the rules leaves little reason to believe in further trust. This future lack of trust is stressed, as anyone breaking the rules after claiming to understand the entirety of them twice has clearly failed to.

Section 5 - Hacking/Exploits

#1 Hacked Clients [or Modified Clients]
All types of modified clients, that deviate gameplay functionally in any way from the original Terraria client; this also includes using 3rd party programs, such as Inventory Editors, to modify your character to possess impossibilities, but texture packs are exempt*. Warnings may be given, however, due to the nature of the people using these clients, warnings may not be required, and in cases where this affects other players in a negative way, to a degree of selfishness, then the ban may not be appealed.

I acknowledge the entirety of the rules and will have twiisted look out for me to tell me if I’m doing something wrong

Also, how do you get exp?

There is a more specific rule for your ban reason this time around: actually re-read all the rules.
You shouldn’t need someone else to tell you what is against the rules if you have read the entirety of them, nor are they under any responsibility to, and so if they fail to inform you it does not exempt your responsibility to follow the rules.

Xp is gained from dealing damage to bosses and players, and completing rounds in zombies (higher rounds give more xp), and by https://terraria-servers.com/server/90/vote/ under your username (give 25% of your remaining xp to your next level). Your xp efficiency % must be greater than 1
0% to gain any xp (though better to be higher for any substantial gain). To refill, you need DP (darkpoints) gained from dealing damage to mobs (this is very inefficient), damage to players, completion of rounds in zombies, and by leveling up with a full inventory (instead of level boxes, the do equivalent of them is given to you; this value is random).

So all I need to do is find the specific rule?
because I’m looking very hard and I can’t seem to find it

Also, thanks for telling me how to get exp!

Check Section 10 - Survival

#4 Item Drops
Keeping illegitimate item drops is equivalent to using a Modified Client to spawn them in. Refer to S5#1.

can’t believe I missed it thanks for the help!

Appeal accepted.