[Accepted] Knight_Robokill's Phase Appeal

[Q1]Why do you want back in the discussion?
[A1] I want to be back in the discussion so that I may chat with others in game and say hi to my friends every once in awhile.
[`Q2]Why you were removed?
[A2] I really have no idea why I was removed. It’s been little over a year since I was removed so I don’t remember the real reason.
[Q3]Do you think your ban was fair?
[A3]Can’t really elaborate on this as I don’t know why I was removed in the first place.

To be honest, I think Rofle should make a format for this kind of thing. Also nice to see you back Robokill.

Same reason as the other people. You added a removed person (GoldenRound) into the Discussion, so you were also removed.

How can someone avoid this?
Plez tell me I’m scared now

Ask the administrators if that person has been banned from phase.
If they say yes, just don’t add them. If they say no, add them freely.

Yaay thanks!

Ah, I was unaware GoldenRound was removed from the discussion. I was a helper back then and had no idea that you could be removed from the discussion for those reasons. I understand now that what I did was wrong, and I respectfully request to be unbanned from the Terraria Discussion.

You were once a helper? o_o
GoldenRound was removed?
When the hell did you stop being helper?

Knight was a helper quite a long time ago, he ended up becoming incredibly inactive and as such had his helper taken from him. Like he went more inactive than I did

Uh is it possible if I can get a final decision for this?